Office Care

Our Office care team makes sure you go to work in a very clean and organized environment. We make sure that your shops, restaurants, cafes and offices.

Carpet Sofa Cleaning Services offers the following Office Care Services:
  • General cleaning
  • Tea lady services catering for corporate offices.
  • Telephone sanitation services catering for cleaning and sanitation of telephone in offices
  • Carpet and floor cleaning for offices, shops and restaurants
  • Kitchen cleaning for restaurants (kitchen hoods, sinks, floors)

Building Care

Building maintenance Cleaning services (Commercial & Domestic Cleaning)– Contractual cleaning services cater for day to day maintenance of building, shopping complex, factory, workshop, warehouse, school and etc.Post construction cleaning services – Initial Cleaning services cater for newly constructed building prior to hand over of vacant possession

End of Tenancy Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning

Floor care services – A treatment and cleaning system cater for the maintenance of all types of granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic wooden, synthetic and fabricated floor finishes.


office cleaning
commercial cleaning
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